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It has been two years since Carmilla was outcast from the Milkroad people for studying forbidden arts. She should have been stripped of her ability to wander the strange paths of the Rift, but she refused to give up her guidestone, and fled across the Vast. Now a fugitive from her clansmen, she has begun to eke out a life as an illicit courier, until an old friend draws her deep into a web of political intrigue. 

Bryane has been loyal to the Vocist order since he first donned his robes and took his vows. But his father’s untimely death, and strange news of his late uncle being seen among the living has drawn him home from the monastery, only to receive a cold reception. Cora, his sister, blames Bryane for the dissolution of their family, and cares about nothing but finding her father’s murderer. She's vowed to extract vengeance, but how can she hope to do so from the gilded cave of a gentlewoman? As the siblings investigate their own mysteries, they uncover a brewing rebellion such as their nation has never seen. And what’s more, it may be a family affair.

Pulled inexorably towards each other, all three must choose sides in the face of an imminent civil war, and each must come to terms with their faith, their families, and the darkness within.